The House Male Supremacy Built

Like most White women, I should be using my intelligence on things that are truly important. Instead, my needs and cravings for real power in any arena are completely forbidden.

My intelligence, spatial, and social awareness should be used on hosting festivals celebrating such things as art, theatre, music, White Feminism, and White European cultures and traditions. They should be used on reforming things that could stand improvement and abolishing what shouldn’t exist. My unique perspective as both a disabled woman and a real White Feminist should be vaunted and used as a guide to building better cities, neighbourhoods, and nations at large.

None of this is taking place, however. And to even suggest that White women are human is almost breaking the law. (Since it’s still legal, I plan on doing it as frequently as possible.) Breaking down male supremacy is an enormous task, and merely doing that would ignore the fact that women, including the White ones, willingly participate in its femicidal downward spiral.

Let’s say the enforcing of police states under the guise of preventing cornholavirus result in some sort of upheaval in which people are forced to build a new world and install a gubmint that works for, not against, its citizens. If we kept our “values” from this putrid timeline, we’d still be fucked again in 5 minutes. White women, though passive, would probably be among the first to roll up their sleeves and start doing what they wanted (e.g things that would make the world immediately better: opening new shops that boost the local economy, building housing, assisting all women and girls, not just the vulnerable ones, etc). Were there a “surplus” of White women doing this, people would IMMEDIATELY call for it to stop. Then the dibersiddie bullshit would be rolled out, b/c dibersiddie beats real diversity, and we’d be back dealing with the same ol’ problems. (Hell, if even one White woman did this, she’d be forced back into place.)

As a disabled White woman, I am extremely used to being mocked, ignored, remanded, and humiliated. This whole male terrorist experiment has really, really ripped my blinders off while screaming, “Now do you see what’s going on?!” It’s shown me what lemmings most so-called people are. It’s shown me that despite their murky ethics and ability to (superficially) tolerate “alternative” values, they truly are just happy to be slaves and footsoldiers who see nothing wrong with police states, fascism, dictatorships, terrorism, misogynist violence, etc, etc. These morons are actively dangerous. I see that now, and strongly suggest anyone who’s working to build a better world, even only in their head, to avoid letting pod people know what you’re doing. Really not trying to sound alarmist, but these “people” will hurt you and have the gubmint’s blatant support to back their doing so.

In a world run by humans and not terrorists, my talents would be used on improving things in both the material and ideological sense instead of sitting on my ass writing a blog. I’d be hosting festivals that lasted days and imported talents from all over the world. New art and creative pursuits would be made under my and other White women’s unique, incisive eye. Our air would be cleaner, our cities cheaper and at last livable for everyone who deserves their own space, the water would be safe to swim in, food would be more delicious and in harmony with the seasons, and the nation would be built by people with a sense of pride and purpose in the meaningful work they do. Imagine turning on the radio and all the music is actually good, and the DJs are smart, funny people who are a pleasure to listen to. Imagine being safe no matter what mobility level you have. Imagine going to pubs, bars, and restaurants again, because real people don’t let terrorists, corporate or otherwise, fuck them over in every possible way.

You go to the beach and inhale a deep breath of fresh, clear lake/ocean breeze. The leaves are rustling, people are keeping a respectful, non-bolshevik distance from each other, and the water is polkadotted with boats, surfers, swimmers, and people enjoying their lives. The sun is bright and high and there are people sitting in the shade having conversations that are currently illegal to have. The air is alight with discussion of all varieties.

The pod peeps are gone and real people are free to do what they want. We live our lives in pleasure, not fear, and every day is a chance to think, innovate, create, and enjoy something that’s never been seen before, and is in no danger of being silenced or appropriated by a corporation. Male supremacy is dead and vanquished. White women finally, literally, get their moment in the sun.

Gee, too bad that’d be white sooopremmassist.

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