No, July Talk, YOU Pay For It

In addition to this being the most pretentious piece of shit mine eyes have seen in quite some time, it’s also extremely racist and blatantly anti-White. But really, what isn’t?

Read these nauseating, artier-than-thou posts from this super kewl band and wonder how the fuck anyone tolerates (((the truly privileged))):

Privileged (((singer))) makes a token acknowledgement of how easy she’s had it. Hey Leah, why do you call yourself by your middle name instead of by your full name: Leah Fay Goldstein? The privilege of the (((chosen ones))) is indeed a “viscous” power.
These able-bodied retards act like they know suffering better than others. You don’t know shit. For all your blustering and bloviating about rayyyzziissmmm you certainly never think to include disabled people of any sort in your shite videos. But hey, you’re nothing but a bunch of overfed, talentless cunts who fit nicely into the (((global narrative)))–why would you need to consider anyone but your own lying, racist selves? Too bad your band doesn’t “follow wise orders” to stay the fuck home and unplug your instruments for good. Believe me, there’ll be fifteen shit bands to take your place in half a minute. After all, (((those responsible))) for this current debacle also control the music industry.

Besides the appalling, factually wrong scene where a White woman yells at a po’ long-suff’rin oppressed black fella, who the hell even knows what’s going on in this? It has no plot, makes no sense, and the song is unlistenable crap. Fuck Jewlie Crock for further weaponizing nonwhites against White people. Fuck them for their fake compassion and their wimpy entitlement.

But mostly, fuck them for sucking so hard. If I were Queen of Canada, these boring dickheads would be relegated to the shitheap where they belong. Nice knowing you–not.

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