The Media Hates You. Get It Through Your Head

This newsblip contains the following utterly conflicting paragraphs:

So in the first paragraph, they “flout physical distancing measures”. In the last one, they “exercised good social distancing”. (Archived link in case this goes down) Do you retards not get that the media dumbcunts are paid YOUR tax dollars to smear, slander, control, lie to, and villainize YOU and your loved ones? If you aren’t capable of understanding this, or you smugly, mockingly refuse to do so, then you deserve to be taken away to a camp under cover of darkness.

Those of you who’ve spent years protesting on behalf of bullshit causes, spewing yidshit in public as loudly and frequently as possible, squawking your fat heads off about how Trump is a fascist, how borders are evil, how Canada and the US are colonialist, and who now do an Exorcist-level 180 in support of these excessive, unproven, draconian measures deserve every single bit of what you’re going to get. Hell, you should be grateful it’s male criminals giving you the ol’ what for and not me–I’d be even more ruthless in my punishment of your depravity than the circumcised faggots you’ve been worshipping for hundreds of years.

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