These Are a Few of My Favourite Thangs

Hideous chinkos in stupid “hip” dresses;
painting their faces and growing their tresses;
taping their penises down for the screen,
these are a few of my favourite things!

I didn’t watch this and neither should you. The sight of this guy in drag being touted as a ‘top doctor’ is ALL the proof you need this country is sorely lacking actual leadership. But you’d rather be led around by Mr. I-Tape-Down-My-Microscopic-Asian-Schlong than admit that. (Even with the ‘womanly’ hair, facepaint, and stupid, ugly dress, this thing STILL looks like the random chinko dudes you see smoking in back alleys.)

Mongoloid bitches who pornify women
Hating White females cuz they don’t look like ’em
Sucking pornographers’ dicks like a crook
Take a good look at this ferret-faced gook

White male faggots of all stripes will see this thing and either recoil or want to fuck it. In any event, they don’t see it as human. Neither should you! If you want to spend your entire life guzzling jewfluid and parroting the lies about how ‘we’re all equal’, then fucking go for it. Literally no one will try to stop you. After all, White people place a higher value on nebulous, easily-disproven concepts than they do their own children.

When the cunts lie, cuz they’re paid to,
And they sound like guys,
I look up and down at my lily-White skin
And instead of shame I feel: spiteful pride!

Dead-eyed, droning liar in desperate need of a rhinoplasty monologues about who gives a stray cunt hair.

Yes, Canucks, these are our “leaders”: two demented, hideous, fugly-as-shit skankomercenaries whose entire goal is to get us all under the (((boot))) even further. Grrrl power!!!

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