Putting the “Crypt” in “Crypto”

Listen to this ashen-faced nutjob do her pornomoaning over her overpriced, finicky, non-satisfying, completely non-nutritious vegan “food”. Her body language, stringy hair, fucked-up corpse skin tone, spastic movements, dead eyes, lack of body fat, and colourless lips are indicative of some pretty nasty vitamin deficiencies. She also desperately needs cholesterol and animal fat for her “brain” function (on second thought, who cares–let these privileged cunts starve their grey matter despite living off mommy and daddy’s money in a city where nutritious food is EVERYWHERE).

She admits during the breakfast hash bit that chickpeas are good at filling the gaps in a deficient vegan diet. You know what’s much better than “filling the gaps” with legumes that are dense with fibre, antinutrients, and indigestible cellulose? EATING ANIMAL PRODUCTS. You could cook and eat a breakfast for two (eggs, yogurt, fruit, coffee) AND do the dishes in the time it takes to wait for this nauseating shiteheap to cook enough that your starvation-addled brain mistakes it for something edible.

Instead of destroying your innards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cook up a big batch of ground beef with some veg and spices of your choosing and eat it throughout the day. Throw butter/cream cheese/cheddar/mozzarella/etc into it to taste. (And salt–especially if you’re menstruating.) Make sure you finish off with some dark chocolate or ice cream for dessert. Hearty, rich, satisfying, and doesn’t shred your gastrointestinal lining.

Look at how she jitters when she says she feels “healthy and alive”. Apparently vegan “food” turns you into a cartoon of a prisoner in an electric chair. Even her cat runs away when she goes to kiss it.

Privilege stinks like chickpeas festering in an ever-flapping dicktrap! Mrreow!

Jesus holy Murphy. This is what passes for “health food”. And this crypto is what passes for an “entertainer”. (I don’t know if she’s one of (((them))) or not, as long-term vegans tend to look a LOT like you-know-whos.) A literal corpse has more camera presence than the entire Goodful staff, and probably farts a lot less, and contributes more to humanity.

Imagine a vegan-only graveyard—the visitors would be indistinguishable from those buried underground. While vegans and corpses have identical-smelling breath, the only way to differentiate dead from technically-alive is the cloud of eye-level stink from vegans’ manic, cholesterol-deficient babbling.

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