Wealthy Piece of Shit Pretends to be ‘Woke’, pt. 1 of Infinity

For those of you lucky enough to not know who Galen Weston Jr. is, let me explain: his daddy was a privileged criminal who elevated himself through a host of nefarious means. (Gee, that doesn’t sound familiar.)

Galen Sr’s prissy faggot of a son has a long and storied history of pissing his skidmarked silk panties over being “forced” to pay Loblaws employees $15 an hour. Apparently this would have cost Faggen’s criminal circlejerk a whopping $190 million per year. (Never mind that his personal wealth adds up to at least $8 BILLION–but muh shekelzz–and never mind that the Libtard gubmint gave this Earth-destroying chain a $12 million wodge of taxpayer money to lower their “carbon emissions”. Gee, you’d think these sooper-talented and “self-made” sperm producers could pay for their own PR stunts instead of shitting their pants ’til Daddy throws more cash their way.) There’s also the matter of Loblaws using an offshore bank as a means of evading no less than $368 million in taxes. Galen and his daddy are just that committed to enriching the lives of Canadians.

Faggen, despite belonging to one of the most money-grubbing (e.g richest) faaambuhlleeez in Canuckistan, slashed the pay increase for the “frontline workers” whose asses he was getting his butler to lick only a few months ago. Before this, some simpering twat with a degree in Business or Comms wrote the following letter and slapped Massah’s name on it:

See this nauseating shitheap for yourself right here.

See, ol’ Faggeroo is a real luvvvaahhh of dibersiddie. His daddy and Broodwhore own beachfront properties in Florida. Scroll down to see the dark-skinned souls populating this haven for those who’ve suffered so much at the hands of people just like Faggen and daddy-o. Hardworking White taxpayers like you are the REAL raaaayycciszzzssts.

Is this a price-fixed bagel I see before me? (Note that despite having billyunz of shekels at his disposal, this twat is fat, ugly, bloated, and can’t dress for shit. Polishing those guillotine blades yet?)

Seems to me like purchasing property on stolen land with stolen money and giving the streets White names is the epitome of the oft-squawked phrase “White privilege”, but what’s a little hypocrisy between hosts and parasite? Also, the fact that Fatass Sr. and Alpha Whore have a “fashion and food empire” worth billions is just proof of how much dis hole fambuhleee luuuuvzzz dibersiddie. Just not of income, values, opinion, architecture, environmental features, or really anything else. But, as noted above, YOU are racist. Not the squillionaires whose tax evasion was supported by the Canucktarded gubmint. Not the useless, worthless degenerates who destroy Canada and the world at large via their endless litany of depraved crimes against humanity. Just you.

(Also, aren’t empires supposed to be rayyycissst, cuz of cornholialism and all that? Shouldn’t they be forced to part with some of their fortune, including property, clothing, food, and the indentured servants paid a pittance to wipe these cocksuckers’ fat, shit-encrusted asses? This whole “donate to Nig Lives Matter” BS is a perfect echo of rich pigs’ ethos when it comes to problems, real or fake: just throw money at it til someone shuts up. Of course the biggest criminals on Earth lurve to parade their wealth around under the guise of “helping those in need”. If most people weren’t stupid enough to fall for it, I wouldn’t even be writing this article.)

Galen Jr. and his ambulatory fuckhole. I imagine said fuckhole stinks like jizz and Loblaws sushi rotting on a car seat on a hot day. If you please, a moment of silence for the jew grandmothers whose couches were slaughtered to make his shirt. (Proof that wealth can’t buy good taste–imagine this simpering prick mincing over to you with his shit-eating smile and his minicock all a-flopping? It’d be enough to turn the hardiest nympho into a rosary-reciting celibate.)

BTW, here’s a video of some Muh Dick loser getting his ass whooped by bystanders instead of the rent-a-cops whose job, presumably, is to prevent bystanders from getting involved. I can’t make out the race of the perp, but wouldn’t it be a real rib-tickler if he was one of those Oppressed Negroes that Gaygay Wessy just lip-smackin’ luuurves ever sew much? Not to mention the fact Gaygay Sr. made a wealthy chinko even wealthier. These people’s luuurve of dibersiddie is getting me all misty eyed.

This video is much too cutesy-wootsey for an eevul rayycisst harlot like myself. It damn near made me puke out my President’s Choice Blue Menu Memories of Argentina Chimichurri Sauce. (Filmed moments after his coming in last in a Bill Gates lookalike contest.)

It’s truly inspiring the way they exploit the Unwashed Masses to further increase their profit margins. It makes me believe in the promise of a better world for those who deserve to be publicly horsewhipped. Really, what could be better than counterfeit community, exploitation of everyone who’s not a ravenously entitled oligarch, hijacking and monopolizing food production, screwing millions out of their hard-earned money, and pinning systemic oppression (an issue created solely by simpering dickwielders like both Gaygays, and aided and abetted by their legally-wed skanks) all on those who are unfortunate enough to rely on this chain for their groceries?

I’ll spell it out loud and clear for anyone who’s not hearing it yet: these fucktards want you DEAD, and they want it yesterday. Torturing and tormenting you is a barrel of laffs, but eventually your “luck” is gonna run out. Who knows the specifics of how or when–all I know is why: male supremacy fucked everything up and (((the Tribe))) saw fit to exploit the denizens of this already-sinking ship. Now instead of a peaceful world run by the right people, we have greedy faggots with shit-eating smirks wearing poorface while playing at being Just Like Us hosing us at every turn. Since almost 99% of people seem to like it this way, I can only conclude there’s no hope for those of us who are smart enough to read the writing on the wall.

The biggest and most vicious criminals of all time have always been the wealthy. This was true hundreds of years ago and it’ll be true long after the hoi polloi are dead and gone. The only sounds will be nasal laughter and the crinkling of President’s Choice potato chip bags being passed around by lardassed criminals on stolen beachfront properties.

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