Never Forget

NEVER FORGET that (((your stage managers))) are the most evil, stupid, sadistic group in the history of the planet. They are truly lacking in all that makes someone human. Look at any other group of people and then compare them to (((the overlords))). Jewz have never accomplished anything positive. They are sneaky, devious, underhanded lowlives who exploit any and everyone to achieve their nefarious, neverending means.

Nig lives matter, the plandemic and lockdown, veganism, skyrocketing housing costs, increase in poverty, financial collapse–these are all just some of the things these hooknosed fucktards have forced us to endure in this year alone. It won’t get better unless we do something. We have to make them stop.

We have no other choice but to silence Israel and its (((global diaspora))) by any means necessary. Time is running out. They have more power than any group has ever had. Do not comply.

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