Welcome to the Fagzone

Here’s an article that you shouldn’t bother reading. While these hideous mudsluts are correct that kikiatry and all its related dick-wagging tentacles should vanish forever, they aren’t capable of grasping that two ugly, insanely privileged cunts are the last people who should be writing about this.

Fuggo cuntstain “latina” pig shortly after eating the bugs out of its greasy kike hair. Its name is Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu. Yes, you read that right. Now remember that most white people would listen to a gag-inducing whore like this before they’d even half-assedly contemplate listening to their own daughters.
This privileged nigger bitch is Desperate To Be White. Its hobbies include bleaching its pube hair, hating White people while tonguing the assholes of the ACTUAL slaveowners (can I get a KIKE KIKE), and glaring at cameras like She Gon Fite U. This twatty mulatta slut needs to be dropped in the ghetto where the real nigz are so it can receive the justice it so richly deserves.

Retards like this deserve a nice, thorough gang-raping. And why stop there? Throw in every useless faggot who would rather shit on White women and girls with ACTUAL disabilities than lend them even a conditional helping hand. Those of you white fagtards who are too skeeered to call out mudsluts on their deplorable kike behaviour need to be raped even more than they do. Congratulations on making muds look productive. White people are so fucking stupid it honestly amazes me. You do nothing interesting or creative and shit on White people who are better than you. Really, who’s the real muds here? At least nobody expects kikes, niggers, and brown shitscum to have humanity. (You don’t, and you know it, so stop denying it.) But whites are so pussy you think they’d at least accidentally help each other once in a while. But nope! Beating off like the useless jewfellating bitches you are is so much better than shielding those who suffer even without those meddling kikes.

As a White woman with a REAL disability, I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER been given this much privilege for free. In fact, I’ve rarely even gotten 0.04% of what I desperately, obviously need. And this was after months and years of begging and hard work. Those of you who think “White privilege” is real, especially for disabled people, are gagging to be raped and then permanently crippled. If I had my druthers I’d not only cripple you myself, but then get fat amerinds and niggers to sit on you and beat you. Then I’d inject you with a bioweapon to turn your worthless scumpile shitheap body against itself. (I know y’all looooove being injected with shit, be it hot beef or kike poisons.) Then I’d put you in the hands of ultra-mudskanks and watch the diversity unfold. You two-faced bitches would be squealing and squawking and fussing like the scum you are. I’d also get your fat hideous shitskin pals to rape you to the point that you sustained nasty internal injuries so you’d REALLY get to experience “White privilege”–for good this time. Plus you’d be in too much pain to obtain even the slightest hint of comfort and relief from your newfound crippledom, which only adds to the fun. Forget smoking pot and stuffing your face–you’ll barely be able to move. Just like you deserve, fucktard!

Those of you who shit on White feminism (the only real kind) should not only be raped and tortured, but also force-fed as the real White feminists were. (Look it up.) You love overeating and stuffing your jew-fellating faces, so it’ll probably take a while for you to be too full. Still, it would be funny. Imagine sticking a hose in your stupid mouth and funnelling kike “food” down it while strapping you to a chair. No more “thin privilege” for any of you–not that you have it now!

Go ahead, white faggots–service mud cunts like this. Slobber all over their stank genitalia while beating off to kike propaganda. Let them piss on your ugly face while fucking you in each and every orifice. Suck on their used tampons. Wipe their hairy assholes when they take a shit. Let these sludge-coloured Walking Fuckholes and their kike owners deface your nation and turn it into something less appealing than an overflowing toilet bowl. Fuck you for constantly abandoning me and wasting my time. I truly hope every single white and/or shit-coloured subhuman is viciously, brutally, gruesomely eviscerated and violated. Get raped over a table, you useless fucktards.

It’s what you deserve, and it’s where you belong. STOP PRETENDING OTHERWISE. If you loooove diversity so much, GO LIVE WITH IT. Stop AVOIDING baby-shit-coloured subhumans and forcing yourself to rub elbows with other whites. Go lock yourself in a basement with muds and let them inflict their diversity on you. It’s what all the cool woke people are doing, and it will one day be your fate–whether you kike it or not.

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