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Never Forget

NEVER FORGET that (((your stage managers))) are the most evil, stupid, sadistic group in the history of the planet. They are truly lacking in all that makes someone human. Look at any other group of people and then compare them to (((the overlords))). Jewz have never accomplished anything positive. They are sneaky, devious, underhanded lowlives … Continue reading “Never Forget”

Wealthy Piece of Shit Pretends to be ‘Woke’, pt. 1 of Infinity

For those of you lucky enough to not know who Galen Weston Jr. is, let me explain: his daddy was a privileged criminal who elevated himself through a host of nefarious means. (Gee, that doesn’t sound familiar.) Galen Sr’s prissy faggot of a son has a long and storied history of pissing his skidmarked silk … Continue reading “Wealthy Piece of Shit Pretends to be ‘Woke’, pt. 1 of Infinity”

Putting the “Crypt” in “Crypto”

Listen to this ashen-faced nutjob do her pornomoaning over her overpriced, finicky, non-satisfying, completely non-nutritious vegan “food”. Her body language, stringy hair, fucked-up corpse skin tone, spastic movements, dead eyes, lack of body fat, and colourless lips are indicative of some pretty nasty vitamin deficiencies. She also desperately needs cholesterol and animal fat for her … Continue reading “Putting the “Crypt” in “Crypto””

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