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As if it’s not bad enough that White Nova Scotians, most of whom are connected by only a degree of separation, had to deal with the testosterone-addled depravity of a typical white fagboi . Now they have to deal with the Crock o’Bullshit Channel (CBC) pummelling them with this hideous mud’s face. Gabriel Wortman most likely only killed WHITE people, because if any of his victims were of mud descent, we’d literally never be hearing the end of it. Look into this obese, mentally retarded pig’s eyes and tell me you prefer being lectured by muds to living a life of your own choosing. (And gotta lub the bleached blonde cunthole saying how “empty” the mosque is–bitch, he’s in front of a green screen (most likely two of them, given his weight))

If you see this story and feel more ire at me for taking issue than the publicly-funded Canuckike Bolshevik Cunts shoehorning dibersiddie into a horrible tragedy, then go fuck yourself while a whole mosque’s worth of “people” watches. That’s what you’ll be doing when your (((overlords))) take even further control of this planet, anyway. May as well practice now–don’t wanna be a rayyycissst!!!!

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