Continuing our “Sign of Evil” Countdown

Nothing fills me with more rage than yet more faggotry, aided and abetted by dead-eyed fuckholes who like to play with the big boiz while getting fucked in every gaping orifice by them (and all while fucking the rest of us over): I’ll hate walking dildos til the day I die. Fuck you useless faggots and fuck you faggot-fucking whores who obey them and shit out kids for them.

Yet more faggotry comes to light. I hate males so very much. If I were Queen of Everything I’d experiment on every walking micropenis war criminal, from the stupidest third world drone to the biggest jew/whiteboi faggot at the top. I’d make their whore “wives” watch, of course–before I subjected these slutty slavegirls to the same treatment.

Here’s a piece of good news, even though we all know how it ends. Too bad real White men like JFK have been (((hunted))) to extinction. This documentary looks promising. Haven’t watched the whole thing yet.

Welcome to the Fagzone

Here’s an article that you shouldn’t bother reading. While these hideous mudsluts are correct that kikiatry and all its related dick-wagging tentacles should vanish forever, they aren’t capable of grasping that two ugly, insanely privileged cunts are the last people who should be writing about this.

Fuggo cuntstain “latina” pig shortly after eating the bugs out of its greasy kike hair. Its name is Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu. Yes, you read that right. Now remember that most white people would listen to a gag-inducing whore like this before they’d even half-assedly contemplate listening to their own daughters.
This privileged nigger bitch is Desperate To Be White. Its hobbies include bleaching its pube hair, hating White people while tonguing the assholes of the ACTUAL slaveowners (can I get a KIKE KIKE), and glaring at cameras like She Gon Fite U. This twatty mulatta slut needs to be dropped in the ghetto where the real nigz are so it can receive the justice it so richly deserves.

Retards like this deserve a nice, thorough gang-raping. And why stop there? Throw in every useless faggot who would rather shit on White women and girls with ACTUAL disabilities than lend them even a conditional helping hand. Those of you white fagtards who are too skeeered to call out mudsluts on their deplorable kike behaviour need to be raped even more than they do. Congratulations on making muds look productive. White people are so fucking stupid it honestly amazes me. You do nothing interesting or creative and shit on White people who are better than you. Really, who’s the real muds here? At least nobody expects kikes, niggers, and brown shitscum to have humanity. (You don’t, and you know it, so stop denying it.) But whites are so pussy you think they’d at least accidentally help each other once in a while. But nope! Beating off like the useless jewfellating bitches you are is so much better than shielding those who suffer even without those meddling kikes.

As a White woman with a REAL disability, I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER been given this much privilege for free. In fact, I’ve rarely even gotten 0.04% of what I desperately, obviously need. And this was after months and years of begging and hard work. Those of you who think “White privilege” is real, especially for disabled people, are gagging to be raped and then permanently crippled. If I had my druthers I’d not only cripple you myself, but then get fat amerinds and niggers to sit on you and beat you. Then I’d inject you with a bioweapon to turn your worthless scumpile shitheap body against itself. (I know y’all looooove being injected with shit, be it hot beef or kike poisons.) Then I’d put you in the hands of ultra-mudskanks and watch the diversity unfold. You two-faced bitches would be squealing and squawking and fussing like the scum you are. I’d also get your fat hideous shitskin pals to rape you to the point that you sustained nasty internal injuries so you’d REALLY get to experience “White privilege”–for good this time. Plus you’d be in too much pain to obtain even the slightest hint of comfort and relief from your newfound crippledom, which only adds to the fun. Forget smoking pot and stuffing your face–you’ll barely be able to move. Just like you deserve, fucktard!

Those of you who shit on White feminism (the only real kind) should not only be raped and tortured, but also force-fed as the real White feminists were. (Look it up.) You love overeating and stuffing your jew-fellating faces, so it’ll probably take a while for you to be too full. Still, it would be funny. Imagine sticking a hose in your stupid mouth and funnelling kike “food” down it while strapping you to a chair. No more “thin privilege” for any of you–not that you have it now!

Go ahead, white faggots–service mud cunts like this. Slobber all over their stank genitalia while beating off to kike propaganda. Let them piss on your ugly face while fucking you in each and every orifice. Suck on their used tampons. Wipe their hairy assholes when they take a shit. Let these sludge-coloured Walking Fuckholes and their kike owners deface your nation and turn it into something less appealing than an overflowing toilet bowl. Fuck you for constantly abandoning me and wasting my time. I truly hope every single white and/or shit-coloured subhuman is viciously, brutally, gruesomely eviscerated and violated. Get raped over a table, you useless fucktards.

It’s what you deserve, and it’s where you belong. STOP PRETENDING OTHERWISE. If you loooove diversity so much, GO LIVE WITH IT. Stop AVOIDING baby-shit-coloured subhumans and forcing yourself to rub elbows with other whites. Go lock yourself in a basement with muds and let them inflict their diversity on you. It’s what all the cool woke people are doing, and it will one day be your fate–whether you kike it or not.

Never Forget

NEVER FORGET that (((your stage managers))) are the most evil, stupid, sadistic group in the history of the planet. They are truly lacking in all that makes someone human. Look at any other group of people and then compare them to (((the overlords))). Jewz have never accomplished anything positive. They are sneaky, devious, underhanded lowlives who exploit any and everyone to achieve their nefarious, neverending means.

Nig lives matter, the plandemic and lockdown, veganism, skyrocketing housing costs, increase in poverty, financial collapse–these are all just some of the things these hooknosed fucktards have forced us to endure in this year alone. It won’t get better unless we do something. We have to make them stop.

We have no other choice but to silence Israel and its (((global diaspora))) by any means necessary. Time is running out. They have more power than any group has ever had. Do not comply.

Wealthy Piece of Shit Pretends to be ‘Woke’, pt. 1 of Infinity

For those of you lucky enough to not know who Galen Weston Jr. is, let me explain: his daddy was a privileged criminal who elevated himself through a host of nefarious means. (Gee, that doesn’t sound familiar.)

Galen Sr’s prissy faggot of a son has a long and storied history of pissing his skidmarked silk panties over being “forced” to pay Loblaws employees $15 an hour. Apparently this would have cost Faggen’s criminal circlejerk a whopping $190 million per year. (Never mind that his personal wealth adds up to at least $8 BILLION–but muh shekelzz–and never mind that the Libtard gubmint gave this Earth-destroying chain a $12 million wodge of taxpayer money to lower their “carbon emissions”. Gee, you’d think these sooper-talented and “self-made” sperm producers could pay for their own PR stunts instead of shitting their pants ’til Daddy throws more cash their way.) There’s also the matter of Loblaws using an offshore bank as a means of evading no less than $368 million in taxes. Galen and his daddy are just that committed to enriching the lives of Canadians.

Faggen, despite belonging to one of the most money-grubbing (e.g richest) faaambuhlleeez in Canuckistan, slashed the pay increase for the “frontline workers” whose asses he was getting his butler to lick only a few months ago. Before this, some simpering twat with a degree in Business or Comms wrote the following letter and slapped Massah’s name on it:

See this nauseating shitheap for yourself right here.

See, ol’ Faggeroo is a real luvvvaahhh of dibersiddie. His daddy and Broodwhore own beachfront properties in Florida. Scroll down to see the dark-skinned souls populating this haven for those who’ve suffered so much at the hands of people just like Faggen and daddy-o. Hardworking White taxpayers like you are the REAL raaaayycciszzzssts.

Is this a price-fixed bagel I see before me? (Note that despite having billyunz of shekels at his disposal, this twat is fat, ugly, bloated, and can’t dress for shit. Polishing those guillotine blades yet?)

Seems to me like purchasing property on stolen land with stolen money and giving the streets White names is the epitome of the oft-squawked phrase “White privilege”, but what’s a little hypocrisy between hosts and parasite? Also, the fact that Fatass Sr. and Alpha Whore have a “fashion and food empire” worth billions is just proof of how much dis hole fambuhleee luuuuvzzz dibersiddie. Just not of income, values, opinion, architecture, environmental features, or really anything else. But, as noted above, YOU are racist. Not the squillionaires whose tax evasion was supported by the Canucktarded gubmint. Not the useless, worthless degenerates who destroy Canada and the world at large via their endless litany of depraved crimes against humanity. Just you.

(Also, aren’t empires supposed to be rayyycissst, cuz of cornholialism and all that? Shouldn’t they be forced to part with some of their fortune, including property, clothing, food, and the indentured servants paid a pittance to wipe these cocksuckers’ fat, shit-encrusted asses? This whole “donate to Nig Lives Matter” BS is a perfect echo of rich pigs’ ethos when it comes to problems, real or fake: just throw money at it til someone shuts up. Of course the biggest criminals on Earth lurve to parade their wealth around under the guise of “helping those in need”. If most people weren’t stupid enough to fall for it, I wouldn’t even be writing this article.)

Galen Jr. and his ambulatory fuckhole. I imagine said fuckhole stinks like jizz and Loblaws sushi rotting on a car seat on a hot day. If you please, a moment of silence for the jew grandmothers whose couches were slaughtered to make his shirt. (Proof that wealth can’t buy good taste–imagine this simpering prick mincing over to you with his shit-eating smile and his minicock all a-flopping? It’d be enough to turn the hardiest nympho into a rosary-reciting celibate.)

BTW, here’s a video of some Muh Dick loser getting his ass whooped by bystanders instead of the rent-a-cops whose job, presumably, is to prevent bystanders from getting involved. I can’t make out the race of the perp, but wouldn’t it be a real rib-tickler if he was one of those Oppressed Negroes that Gaygay Wessy just lip-smackin’ luuurves ever sew much? Not to mention the fact Gaygay Sr. made a wealthy chinko even wealthier. These people’s luuurve of dibersiddie is getting me all misty eyed.

This video is much too cutesy-wootsey for an eevul rayycisst harlot like myself. It damn near made me puke out my President’s Choice Blue Menu Memories of Argentina Chimichurri Sauce. (Filmed moments after his coming in last in a Bill Gates lookalike contest.)

It’s truly inspiring the way they exploit the Unwashed Masses to further increase their profit margins. It makes me believe in the promise of a better world for those who deserve to be publicly horsewhipped. Really, what could be better than counterfeit community, exploitation of everyone who’s not a ravenously entitled oligarch, hijacking and monopolizing food production, screwing millions out of their hard-earned money, and pinning systemic oppression (an issue created solely by simpering dickwielders like both Gaygays, and aided and abetted by their legally-wed skanks) all on those who are unfortunate enough to rely on this chain for their groceries?

I’ll spell it out loud and clear for anyone who’s not hearing it yet: these fucktards want you DEAD, and they want it yesterday. Torturing and tormenting you is a barrel of laffs, but eventually your “luck” is gonna run out. Who knows the specifics of how or when–all I know is why: male supremacy fucked everything up and (((the Tribe))) saw fit to exploit the denizens of this already-sinking ship. Now instead of a peaceful world run by the right people, we have greedy faggots with shit-eating smirks wearing poorface while playing at being Just Like Us hosing us at every turn. Since almost 99% of people seem to like it this way, I can only conclude there’s no hope for those of us who are smart enough to read the writing on the wall.

The biggest and most vicious criminals of all time have always been the wealthy. This was true hundreds of years ago and it’ll be true long after the hoi polloi are dead and gone. The only sounds will be nasal laughter and the crinkling of President’s Choice potato chip bags being passed around by lardassed criminals on stolen beachfront properties.

Putting the “Crypt” in “Crypto”

Listen to this ashen-faced nutjob do her pornomoaning over her overpriced, finicky, non-satisfying, completely non-nutritious vegan “food”. Her body language, stringy hair, fucked-up corpse skin tone, spastic movements, dead eyes, lack of body fat, and colourless lips are indicative of some pretty nasty vitamin deficiencies. She also desperately needs cholesterol and animal fat for her “brain” function (on second thought, who cares–let these privileged cunts starve their grey matter despite living off mommy and daddy’s money in a city where nutritious food is EVERYWHERE).

She admits during the breakfast hash bit that chickpeas are good at filling the gaps in a deficient vegan diet. You know what’s much better than “filling the gaps” with legumes that are dense with fibre, antinutrients, and indigestible cellulose? EATING ANIMAL PRODUCTS. You could cook and eat a breakfast for two (eggs, yogurt, fruit, coffee) AND do the dishes in the time it takes to wait for this nauseating shiteheap to cook enough that your starvation-addled brain mistakes it for something edible.

Instead of destroying your innards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cook up a big batch of ground beef with some veg and spices of your choosing and eat it throughout the day. Throw butter/cream cheese/cheddar/mozzarella/etc into it to taste. (And salt–especially if you’re menstruating.) Make sure you finish off with some dark chocolate or ice cream for dessert. Hearty, rich, satisfying, and doesn’t shred your gastrointestinal lining.

Look at how she jitters when she says she feels “healthy and alive”. Apparently vegan “food” turns you into a cartoon of a prisoner in an electric chair. Even her cat runs away when she goes to kiss it.

Privilege stinks like chickpeas festering in an ever-flapping dicktrap! Mrreow!

Jesus holy Murphy. This is what passes for “health food”. And this crypto is what passes for an “entertainer”. (I don’t know if she’s one of (((them))) or not, as long-term vegans tend to look a LOT like you-know-whos.) A literal corpse has more camera presence than the entire Goodful staff, and probably farts a lot less, and contributes more to humanity.

Imagine a vegan-only graveyard—the visitors would be indistinguishable from those buried underground. While vegans and corpses have identical-smelling breath, the only way to differentiate dead from technically-alive is the cloud of eye-level stink from vegans’ manic, cholesterol-deficient babbling.

These Are a Few of My Favourite Thangs

Hideous chinkos in stupid “hip” dresses;
painting their faces and growing their tresses;
taping their penises down for the screen,
these are a few of my favourite things!

I didn’t watch this and neither should you. The sight of this guy in drag being touted as a ‘top doctor’ is ALL the proof you need this country is sorely lacking actual leadership. But you’d rather be led around by Mr. I-Tape-Down-My-Microscopic-Asian-Schlong than admit that. (Even with the ‘womanly’ hair, facepaint, and stupid, ugly dress, this thing STILL looks like the random chinko dudes you see smoking in back alleys.)

Mongoloid bitches who pornify women
Hating White females cuz they don’t look like ’em
Sucking pornographers’ dicks like a crook
Take a good look at this ferret-faced gook

White male faggots of all stripes will see this thing and either recoil or want to fuck it. In any event, they don’t see it as human. Neither should you! If you want to spend your entire life guzzling jewfluid and parroting the lies about how ‘we’re all equal’, then fucking go for it. Literally no one will try to stop you. After all, White people place a higher value on nebulous, easily-disproven concepts than they do their own children.

When the cunts lie, cuz they’re paid to,
And they sound like guys,
I look up and down at my lily-White skin
And instead of shame I feel: spiteful pride!

Dead-eyed, droning liar in desperate need of a rhinoplasty monologues about who gives a stray cunt hair.

Yes, Canucks, these are our “leaders”: two demented, hideous, fugly-as-shit skankomercenaries whose entire goal is to get us all under the (((boot))) even further. Grrrl power!!!

The Media Hates You. Get It Through Your Head

This newsblip contains the following utterly conflicting paragraphs:

So in the first paragraph, they “flout physical distancing measures”. In the last one, they “exercised good social distancing”. (Archived link in case this goes down) Do you retards not get that the media dumbcunts are paid YOUR tax dollars to smear, slander, control, lie to, and villainize YOU and your loved ones? If you aren’t capable of understanding this, or you smugly, mockingly refuse to do so, then you deserve to be taken away to a camp under cover of darkness.

Those of you who’ve spent years protesting on behalf of bullshit causes, spewing yidshit in public as loudly and frequently as possible, squawking your fat heads off about how Trump is a fascist, how borders are evil, how Canada and the US are colonialist, and who now do an Exorcist-level 180 in support of these excessive, unproven, draconian measures deserve every single bit of what you’re going to get. Hell, you should be grateful it’s male criminals giving you the ol’ what for and not me–I’d be even more ruthless in my punishment of your depravity than the circumcised faggots you’ve been worshipping for hundreds of years.

Crash Course On Crass Dorks

Most of the humanoid beings on this made-wretched-on-purpose earth cannot truly be considered human. After all, what species is stupid, mercenary, selfish, and egotistical enough to destroy its women and girls, wipe itself out through various terroristic means, create amazing beauty and innovation and then destroy it to gain yet more currency, and still call itself the most evolved?

People reveal themselves pretty early on in the game. I have many anecdotes about libtards spewing their regurgitated bullcrap in my face mere seconds after meeting them. Their programming is as intractable as it is weak. When their overlords brainwash them into thinking something radically different then whatever issue du jour’s got their panties in a wad, they accept it unquestioningly. (The same ‘people’ who, mere months earlier, were parading their lazy arses through the street in support of amerind criminals shutting down the rail system maintained, paid for, and created by White Canadians, are now parroting the fascistic (((stage directions))) of their fav’rit group evar.)

Who can take these human impersonators seriously, or want them to be happy, or care about their wellbeing when they don’t even care about themselves? Yes, they spend every waking moment of their lives dwelling and obsessing over their looks, their weight, their hair, their intelligence, their tiny dick, their small/large tits, their White skin, etc, etc, but they have nothing in the way of actual coping or self-preservation skills. They are merely narcissistic and addlepated by meeeeja-hewn anxieties. Humanoids seem to be a holdover from a cruder, earlier stage in our evolution. If you try telling them this, they’ll rip you a new one (not in the way a lion rips her prey apart, but in the way a tiny, yappy Chihuahua rips your socks to pieces). If the meeeeja they worship tells them this, they’ll be yapping about it for weeks on end, or until the fire ceases being stoked. C’est la vie.

(For the sake of brevity and to accentuate their lub of Gawd’z Chozynn/state of not-quite-humanness, I shall refer to these creatures as Oyds.)

Some Oyds have convincing facades, and are attractive, funny, intelligent, and even great in bed. A lot of Oyds have good work ethic (well, the White and some of the East Asian ones do), and even possess unique skills. Unfortunately, when you really, really start sharing yourself with an Oyd, you can practically hear the doors of their mind slamming shut. It shows in their eyes and in their expression. Even if they don’t want to hurt you, their programming won’t allow them to accept you as you are. It literally cannot be helped. They are Oyds. You are Human. (For all their yelping about racemixing being good and rayccizzmm being bad, they sure don’t like to mingle with actual human beings–especially the White ones.) Occasionally, they may make jokes that are “offensive” to blow off steam, but this not the human trait of holding nuanced, seemingly opposing worldviews in equal measure. They’re just venting to keep their brains from overheating.

Perhaps a few of the older Oyds can be salvaged, but you really can’t help the younger ones. They are steeped in the most evil, fetid, foul cocktail of propaganda, “secular” politics, entitlement, self-hatred, and bizarre hybrid of oppression and blinding privilege this world has ever seen. Their justified hatred of the state of things is taken out on White women and girls instead of the males of all races who actually make things terrible. Why, a brown mudmale takes his aggression out on fifty gay folks at a nightclub, and they see it as an unfortunate side effect of whiiite sooopremassy. Yet you will never see these folks in a crowd with more than two or three black and brown people combined, unless they have a race fetish, are deeply self-hating, or both.

When an Oyd hates you, see it as something to be proud of, or at least neutral on. They cannot be converted to humanitarianism; they can only be trained to regurgitate less nauseating slogans. They do not exist on a plane of reality. Next time one of these meatbags gasses on about something of which they understand not even one word, just tune out and go to your happy place. You won’t miss anything. When their droning ceases, you can either regurgitate a “safe” slogan to validate them (Oyds speak in anti-human code–more on this later), or confuse the hell out of them by pointing out their doublespeak and lack of logic. Their brain will encounter a programming error, and smoke will almost visibly come out of their ears. The rusty gears in their “brain” will creak and clatter, momentarily relieving you of their bilious mushmusings.

Don’t be upset that you’ve cut them off–you’ve done them a favour. If they had even a fifth more honesty or modesty, they’d admit five minutes with a human would teach them more than a lifetime of (((programming))). Of course, they don’t have the capacity to admit when they’re wrong. They are right. Except when they’re not. But they always are. No, wait, they’re not.

Fuck ’em. Keep on with your bad self. If we humans ever take what’s rightfully ours, we need to start putting up signs that say OYDS STAY BACK TWO METRES (SIX FEET) FROM NORMALS AT ALL COSTS. With the right propaganda campaign, we won’t hear a peep from them about this “mistreatment” and “human rights violation”. And that’s a good thing. The footsoldiers of the world may not be outright evil, but they always support those who are. Who cares if those who willingly enjoy being cannon fodder continue on this path? Will you truly feel human if you spend your entire life cleaning up the Oyds after they inevitably shit their gubmint-issue diapers?

These program-a-rinos are a gyp on all possible counts. It’s not just the ollygarkz we’ll have to get rid of if we want to even think of building a working civilization, but also the boring dingbats whose only topic of conversation is whatever they’ve been forcefed. And it ain’t conversation so much as acid reflux: impossible to stop. Difficult to treat. Easier to prevent than endure.

Far be it for me to criticize you hypochondriac, hypocritical beasts of self-loathing, but that’s what I’m gonna do. If you don’t like it, too effing bad. You can spend your whole life being sent to your room without supper by the gubmint that hates you and wants you dead–some of us just want to leave the goddamn house.

No, July Talk, YOU Pay For It

In addition to this being the most pretentious piece of shit mine eyes have seen in quite some time, it’s also extremely racist and blatantly anti-White. But really, what isn’t?

Read these nauseating, artier-than-thou posts from this super kewl band and wonder how the fuck anyone tolerates (((the truly privileged))):

Privileged (((singer))) makes a token acknowledgement of how easy she’s had it. Hey Leah, why do you call yourself by your middle name instead of by your full name: Leah Fay Goldstein? The privilege of the (((chosen ones))) is indeed a “viscous” power.
These able-bodied retards act like they know suffering better than others. You don’t know shit. For all your blustering and bloviating about rayyyzziissmmm you certainly never think to include disabled people of any sort in your shite videos. But hey, you’re nothing but a bunch of overfed, talentless cunts who fit nicely into the (((global narrative)))–why would you need to consider anyone but your own lying, racist selves? Too bad your band doesn’t “follow wise orders” to stay the fuck home and unplug your instruments for good. Believe me, there’ll be fifteen shit bands to take your place in half a minute. After all, (((those responsible))) for this current debacle also control the music industry.

Besides the appalling, factually wrong scene where a White woman yells at a po’ long-suff’rin oppressed black fella, who the hell even knows what’s going on in this? It has no plot, makes no sense, and the song is unlistenable crap. Fuck Jewlie Crock for further weaponizing nonwhites against White people. Fuck them for their fake compassion and their wimpy entitlement.

But mostly, fuck them for sucking so hard. If I were Queen of Canada, these boring dickheads would be relegated to the shitheap where they belong. Nice knowing you–not.

The House Male Supremacy Built

Like most White women, I should be using my intelligence on things that are truly important. Instead, my needs and cravings for real power in any arena are completely forbidden.

My intelligence, spatial, and social awareness should be used on hosting festivals celebrating such things as art, theatre, music, White Feminism, and White European cultures and traditions. They should be used on reforming things that could stand improvement and abolishing what shouldn’t exist. My unique perspective as both a disabled woman and a real White Feminist should be vaunted and used as a guide to building better cities, neighbourhoods, and nations at large.

None of this is taking place, however. And to even suggest that White women are human is almost breaking the law. (Since it’s still legal, I plan on doing it as frequently as possible.) Breaking down male supremacy is an enormous task, and merely doing that would ignore the fact that women, including the White ones, willingly participate in its femicidal downward spiral.

Let’s say the enforcing of police states under the guise of preventing cornholavirus result in some sort of upheaval in which people are forced to build a new world and install a gubmint that works for, not against, its citizens. If we kept our “values” from this putrid timeline, we’d still be fucked again in 5 minutes. White women, though passive, would probably be among the first to roll up their sleeves and start doing what they wanted (e.g things that would make the world immediately better: opening new shops that boost the local economy, building housing, assisting all women and girls, not just the vulnerable ones, etc). Were there a “surplus” of White women doing this, people would IMMEDIATELY call for it to stop. Then the dibersiddie bullshit would be rolled out, b/c dibersiddie beats real diversity, and we’d be back dealing with the same ol’ problems. (Hell, if even one White woman did this, she’d be forced back into place.)

As a disabled White woman, I am extremely used to being mocked, ignored, remanded, and humiliated. This whole male terrorist experiment has really, really ripped my blinders off while screaming, “Now do you see what’s going on?!” It’s shown me what lemmings most so-called people are. It’s shown me that despite their murky ethics and ability to (superficially) tolerate “alternative” values, they truly are just happy to be slaves and footsoldiers who see nothing wrong with police states, fascism, dictatorships, terrorism, misogynist violence, etc, etc. These morons are actively dangerous. I see that now, and strongly suggest anyone who’s working to build a better world, even only in their head, to avoid letting pod people know what you’re doing. Really not trying to sound alarmist, but these “people” will hurt you and have the gubmint’s blatant support to back their doing so.

In a world run by humans and not terrorists, my talents would be used on improving things in both the material and ideological sense instead of sitting on my ass writing a blog. I’d be hosting festivals that lasted days and imported talents from all over the world. New art and creative pursuits would be made under my and other White women’s unique, incisive eye. Our air would be cleaner, our cities cheaper and at last livable for everyone who deserves their own space, the water would be safe to swim in, food would be more delicious and in harmony with the seasons, and the nation would be built by people with a sense of pride and purpose in the meaningful work they do. Imagine turning on the radio and all the music is actually good, and the DJs are smart, funny people who are a pleasure to listen to. Imagine being safe no matter what mobility level you have. Imagine going to pubs, bars, and restaurants again, because real people don’t let terrorists, corporate or otherwise, fuck them over in every possible way.

You go to the beach and inhale a deep breath of fresh, clear lake/ocean breeze. The leaves are rustling, people are keeping a respectful, non-bolshevik distance from each other, and the water is polkadotted with boats, surfers, swimmers, and people enjoying their lives. The sun is bright and high and there are people sitting in the shade having conversations that are currently illegal to have. The air is alight with discussion of all varieties.

The pod peeps are gone and real people are free to do what they want. We live our lives in pleasure, not fear, and every day is a chance to think, innovate, create, and enjoy something that’s never been seen before, and is in no danger of being silenced or appropriated by a corporation. Male supremacy is dead and vanquished. White women finally, literally, get their moment in the sun.

Gee, too bad that’d be white sooopremmassist.

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